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We must always remember that we are among the very fortunate few to ever visit these unique lands and must constantly respect both the animals and our environment.  This respect is more important than one more photo. 

Your guide is always the person in charge of the vehicle.

The safety and comfort of both the guests and the wildlife is paramount.

Patience is mandatory for great photos.  We never attempt to accelerate or stage a behavior pattern. 

Guides are always careful when approaching animals in order to minimize any disturbance or disruption to their lives.

If the animal (s) show signs of stress, the vehicle will back away from the sighting or possibly leave altogether. 

Use of flash or spotlights interferes with an animal's night vision and typically stresses the animal;  so  we rarely use any artificial light.    

Typically, the reserves we  will be using limit sightings to a maximum of 3 vehicles.  Never does more than one vehicle move at a time.    This policy is meant to reduce the impact our presence may have on the animals. 

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