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Passports: Passports usually need a minimum of 6 months remaining validity and at least 2 empty pages. If you are traveling to more than one country then you should have additional empty pages.

Visas: Please check your exact visa requirements directly with the relevant government websites …. Guests of most nationalities need a visa to gain entry to Zambia and Zimbabwe. This can be obtained in advance from embassies and consulates but are most usually purchased on arrival. Guide prices for a single entry visa are around US $50.00 and for a multiple entry visa around $80.00, payable in cash US $.

Most nationalities do not require a visa to enter Botswana or South Africa.

Washington : North, Central & South America www.zambiaembassy.org
Warning: Be sure that your visa is stamped with the correct duration for your stay or you may incur serious problems on departure.
Vaccinations: All guests arriving from or departing to South Africa will need to show proof of vaccinations. Without this you will most likely refused entry into Zambia and will not be allowed to board any flight to South Africa, even if you are in transit through South Africa, eg are flying out via Johannesburg. This also applies even if you are visiting another country in between so you need this proof of vaccinations for any trip that contains Zambia and South Africa. We recommend that you contact your local Health Department, at least 3 months prior to your trip, for required vaccinations for any country you will be visiting as they are updated daily on all requirements throught the world and keep a record in case you ever misplace your immunization card.
Weight restrictions: Per person baggage allowance is strictly limited to the amounts shown below, to include all hold and hand luggage. Larger guests should be aware that there is an override limit of 100kg or 220lbs including bodyweight and all luggage, this limit can be averaged across a group. Guests starting and ending in Maun can leave excess luggage in storage with the air carrier. If you are likely to exceed these limits then it is essential that you prebook additional baggage allowance at the time of making your initial reservation.
Wilderness Air 20 kg : 44 lbs  
Northern Air 20 kg : 44 lbs  
Moremi Air 20 kg : 44 lbs  
Soft bags: In addition to the above weight restrictions, please note that all luggage needs to be packed in soft bags with a maximum measurement of 25cm wide x 30cm high x 62cm long. The bags must be fully malleable, ie should not have a rigid side or have wheels that stick out so that these dimensions are exceeded. If your luggage does not fit within these limitations then you will be asked to buy a suitable soft bag at the departure airport for around $50.00.

Tipping: The suggested tipping for your private guide is $15.00 to $20.00 per day per person for your guide and $5.00 per day for camp staff.

Information Request: Your full International flight details, including airline, flight number, arrival and departure times are required before we can issue final travel documentation. Please provide this information at your earliest possible convenience.
Traveller Information (Please provide this information at the earliest possible convenience as final documentation can not be provided until received).
Passport Name:
Passport Details (if requested on your itinerary):
Your country or origin of trip:
A contact telephone number:
Ages of children traveling with you:
Room: (single or double):
Special Dietary Needs ( specifically vegan, vegetarian, allergies):
Special Medical Conditions:
Special Requests (eg honeymoon, birthday or anniversary during trip):
Travel Insurance is recommended but mandatory. We recommend http://www.travelguard.com.
International departure tax of US $50.00 per person will usually need to be paid in cash. No change given.
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