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I live for those up close and personal moments, which lead to the kind of pictures of these magnificent animals that you see here on our website. My style is to maximize the photo-op, be that spending 9 hours with a leopard or a full day following a pride of lions. 

“Being very close, you begin to discover that feeling of being at one with the animal, like so many of our great guides get all the time.” 

With a dedicated vehicle, a lot of patience, a lot of silence and a little bit of luck you can get truly ‘up close and personal’.  We dedicate a lot of time. Sometimes we follow.  Sometimes we wait.  And as in many things in life, one makes much of one’s luck.  All these pictures created a big rush of adrenalin along with amazing pictures. We live for these moments when the eye of an animal nearly fills the lens. Harriet took that picture of the leopard when the leopard (below left) was about 8 feet directly over her.  We had followed the leopard for a couple of hours and then she did the totally unexpected by turning around and running back up the tree she had left 5 minutes previous and right over where we had moved the vehicle.  Fortunately, our guides expect the unexpected and he reacted instantly.
Chew Toy
The photo where Harriet is leaning out of the vehicle, seemingly on top of the male lion and his kill:  We had followed 4 lionesses and a couple of big cubs all morning as they closed in on the buffalo.  The lionesses killed a buffalo calf in the waterway maybe 75 feet from the vehicle, when the male showed up, stole the kill and proceeded to drag the kill almost under Harriet’s seat in the vehicle.  We had the 4 snarling females all around us. 
Thirteen Month Old Male Lion
Elephant Eye
The Lion Park is a must if you are in Johannesburg. This park is one of the few places that saves abandonded animals, no matter what the species, but you have the rare opportunity to play with lion cubs under three months old.
Lion Cub
Unforgettable Moments
Lion Cub
Lion-Park Africa Map Flora Couture by Floral 2000
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