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Purple Crested Lourie

Purple-Crested Lourie (also known as Purple crested Turacos) would easily be rated as being among Africa's  most beautiful birds. They are fairly large birds – about 18 inches long – with beautiful green and purple plumage, and striking red wings in flight.  The Purple-crested Turaco has a glossy, deep-purple crown and crest, a red ring around their eyes, and a stout, black bill. The neck and chest are green and brown. The rest of the body is purple, with red flight feathers.  The Purple-crested Turaco can easily be identified by its dark purple crest and metallic green between the eyes and bill on the side of the head and face.  Males & females look alike.

The Purple-crested Turaco is found throughout southern Africa.  They live in moist woodland, evergreen forests and savanna. They are fruit- and berry-eaters, and will also visit domestic fruit trees such as guavas.  The Purple-crested Turaco build big dove-like nests in the thick branches of trees or in vines, with material collected from the canopy. They normally lay two eggs, which are white, smooth and round as ping-pong balls.

Purple Crested Lourie
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