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Grand Eclectus

Eye-popping, almost fluorescent feathers and candy-corn beaks make the Grand Eclectus an unforgettable parrot. They are medium sized, 13-16 inches long and up to a little over one pound. The Grand Eclectus come from Indonesia, New Guinea and Australia's Cape York Peninsula.

Parrots play an important role in their habitat by helping to propagate new forest growth. Many of the seeds these birds consume are not digested and are passed in the bird's guano over new areas of forest. Many species eat fruit and nectar and are important in the pollination of various species of plants in tropical forests.

This species used to be largely hunted for its plumage, but habitat destruction such as deforestation and logging of their nest trees is the major cause for population decline today. Eclectus populations are also affected by the pet trade, in which they are highly sought after for their colorful plumage and their skill at mimicking human speech.

Grand Eclectus-A
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