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Eagle Eye

The clear, ringing call of the African fish-eagle, made with the head thrown back, has to be the most characteristic and evocative sound of African waterways.  The fish eagle is an unmistakably distinctive bird. The female is larger than the male, usually weighing eight pounds with a wingspan of eight feet. In the wild, African fish-eagles that are fortunate to survive the first year have an estimated life expectancy of 12 to 24 years.

Adult African fish-eagles are normally seen in pairs.   They pair for life and build and maintain one or two nests within their territory.  Their nests become huge as they build onto them each year, reaching six feet wide and four feet deep. One to three eggs are laid in the nest, hatching after six weeks; rarely will more than one chick survive as the eldest chick most times kills the younger ones.  After eight weeks the chick is feeding itself and begins the long journey to adulthood. The young birds will not develop their adult plumage for five years.

Eagle Eye
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