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The tawny eagle is a relatively large, handsome bird of prey, with heavily feathered legs. The plumage is generally tawny to rusty brown in color, often with dark markings on the wings. 

The tawny eagle is most frequently seen soaring high in the air or perched at the top of a tree, scanning the ground for prey. A formidable hunter, the tawny eagle will tackle mammals as large as hares, as well as sizeable birds and lizards, seizing the animal in its powerful talons. When available, this species will also exploit a variety of other food sources such as carrion, insects, amphibians and fish, and frequently steals food from other birds.

Courtship consists of aerial displays. After mating, a large, flat nest is constructed from sticks lined with grass and leaves, usually at the top of a thorny tree or occasionally on a power pylon. A clutch of 1–3 eggs is laid, which hatch after around 40 days. A single nest may be used repeatedly for many years. Tawny eagles have a relatively long lifespan, up to 16 years.

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