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Mating Rtual

Country: South Africa

Mating Ritual

This amazing picture show 2 extraordinary lions mating on grasses chewed to the ground. The obvious strength of this massive male is frightening. Mating among lions is not much different from that of any other cat. A female lion can come into heat at any time. A female will be in estrus for 4-8 days. If no pregnancy results, the estrus cycle will repeat in about 90 days or so. During mating, the male and female are together constantly, and they usually do not eat.

The mating begins with growling, pawing and even biting. When the female is finally in the mood, she lies down, and the male mounts her. The actual act takes mere seconds, after which time the male gently bites the female's neck. The female then turns and bares her teeth at the male. The cycle repeats itself, maybe every 20 minutes, and a pair of lions can mate 40 times in a day! It is also known that a female may mate with more than one male during her estrus. The result is her cubs may have different fathers.

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