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Resting On A Fallen Log

Country: South Africa
Province: Mpumalanga
Location: The Sabi Sand Reserve
Lodge: Singita Boulders Lodge


Resting On A Fallen Log

This picture shows one of the favorite places for a leopard, high in a tree, draped over a large limb while scanning the environment and safely avoiding the heat of the day.    This picture also shows the large head, powerful neck and shoulders, and short, muscular limbs of this spectacular cat.  The head, neck and legs are covered in black spots, with more intricate markings, called "rosettes", on the remainder of the body. Each rosette is made up of three or four black spots on the outside with a yellow-brown center.  No two leopards have the same markings or color, each leopard's spots being unique, similar to human fingerprints.

This picture was taken in the Sabi Sand Reserve.  The Sabi Sand Reserve is the birthplace of sustainable wildlife tourism in Southern Africa, and is the oldest of all the private reserves in South Africa. Forever, it has been a wilderness area and  home to a vast wildlife population. The name comes from the Sabie and Sand Rivers that flow through the reserve.  Situated near to the Kruger Gate, the reserve shares a common 30+ mile unfenced boundary with the Kruger National Park to the east.   

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