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Stretching Out

Country: Botswana
Location: Okavango Delta
Reserve: Vumbura Game Reserve
Camp: Vumbura Plains

Stretching Out

In the early morning this extraordinary African cheetah is stretching out his body, teeth and extended claws on a huge tree trunk highlighted with sapphire, aquamarine and brilliant greens with bright blue sky peeking through. This is the perfect display of the cheetah's wiry, well muscled body, small head, tawny, spotted fur coat and tear lines. The cheetah's spots help it to blend into the background when hunting or to hide from danger. The tear lines run from each eye to the corners of their mouths. By reducing reflection, tear lines help cheetahs see across the grasslands in the glare of the hot sun. The claws of the cheetah are semi-retractable, unlike most big cats. This allows them added traction and helps them get to their high speeds quickly.

The Vumbura Game Reserve is one of the reserves located in the Okavango Delta. Botswana's Okavango Delta is rightly considered one of the most incredible wildlife and wilderness sanctuaries in Africa. It is the largest inland delta system in the world, an area of about 6000 square miles filled with water channels, lagoons, swamps and islands. What makes this area most remarkable is that it is a wetland paradise located deep within the arid Kalahari Desert.   




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