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Country: South Africa
Location: KwaZulu-Natal
Reserve: Phinda Game Reserve
Camp: Phinda Vlei Lodge


Picture of 3 male cheetah sub adults relaxed on a small mound surveying their surroundings. This is a perfect display of the cheetah's tawny spotted fur coats and their tear lines. The cheetah's spots help it disappear into the background when hunting or hiding from potential threats. Their faces clearly display their famous tear lines running from each eye to the corners of their mouths. By reducing reflection their tear lines help them see across the grasslands in the glare of the hot sun.

While female cheetahs live alone, except when raising cubs, they rarely associate with other cheetahs, except when ready to mate. Males like these brothers, often live in small permanent groups called coalitions, which can be two to four brothers.

Phinda Game Reserve  is situated in the lush Maputaland region in northern KwaZulu-Natal bordering the World Heritage Site -- The  Greater St. Lucia Wetland Park.  Scenic Rivers, floodplains and open pans make up the bulk of seven distinct habitats found in the Phinda Reserve.   Possibly the best cheetah viewing anywhere. 




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