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Checking Things Out

Country: Botswana
Location: Selinda Spillway
Reserve: Selinda Game Reserve
Camp: Selinda Tented Camp

Checking Things Out

This picture shows year old male cheetah cub  perfectly positioned atop a termite mound, looking directly to the camera wondering 'what's this?' Up about 8 feet above the flat plain of dried grasses, the cub as an unbelievable vantage point. The flat grass and endless blue sky go on forever. When available, the termite mound is the cheetah's favorite vantage point.  This is the same cub shown cuddling its mother in 'Messing Around'.

Our cub is learning the ropes of survival as mom has been teaching him such skills for several months now, learning to hunt and about the territory. Sometime soon he will set out alone on the savanna, as cubs typically leave their mothers between 13 and 20 months.

The Selinda Game Reserve, located to the northeast of the Okavango Delta is characterized by its game rich floodplains, straddling the Selinda Spillway linking the Okavango Delta and the Linyanti Swamps in northern Botswana. Many varied habitats are within the Selinda Reserve -- marshes, waterways, riverine forests, dry woodlands and grasslands. The Linyanti River later becomes the Chobe River.




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