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Bright Eyes

Country: Tanzania
Location: Katavi National Park
Camp: Chada Camp 

Bright Eyes

This picture shows a beautiful African cheetah staring into the distance with exquisite golden eyes, while partially hidden in dense, lush grass.  This is a perfect display of the cheetah's tawny spotted fur coats and its tear lines. The cheetah's spots help it disappear into the background when hunting or hiding from potential threats. The face clearly display the famous tear lines running from each eye to the corners of their mouths. By reducing reflection the tear lines help them see across the grasslands in the glare of the hot sun.

Katavi National Park, isolated, untrammeled and seldom visited; Over a million acres; Katavi is a true wilderness.  Katavi rotates over the course of a year from being very wet with rivers wide and brimming; to a dry bush, semi desert in October where the rivers have dwindled and only a few fresh water springs support a huge competitive biomass, concentrating the wildlife.




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