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Afternoon Feast

Country: South Africa
Location: KwaZulu-Natal
Reserve: Phinda Game Reserve
Camp: Phinda Vlei Lodge

Afternoon Feast

This early afternoon picture shows six African cheetahs semi hidden in the brush eating their catch; what's left of a fairly large impala. Ripping pieces off the impala as fast as they can, with bloodied faces, they look up at a sudden new sound. To avoid lions and leopards, Cheetahs often hunt mid day. The cheetahs stalked this impala, spread out, approached to within about 50 feet before sprinting in for their kill. After catching lunch, they dragged it to a nearby brushy area. Despite the best efforts to hide their catches, cheetah kills are often stolen by larger predators.

This is mother and 5 exquisite cubs. Four of the cubs are mom's by natural birth, the fifth adopted at several months old. Although the group splits up for considerable time, mother is still teaching these juveniles the skills necessary for survival and hunting.

Phinda Game Reserve is situated in the lush Maputaland region in northern KwaZulu-Natal bordering the World Heritage Site -- The  Greater St. Lucia Wetland Park.  Scenic Rivers, floodplains and open pans make up the bulk of seven distinct habitats found in the Phinda Reserve.   Possibly the best cheetah viewing anywhere. 




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